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Our company's success and recognition stem from the effective union of the skills of each of our employees.

We have developed well-designed and powerful products in order to enable a more efficient computerization of professional offices.

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About us

Logiciels Info-Data represents superior technology, an authentic, honest, and devoted team, and continuous technological advances.

Logiciels Info-Data is also a few hundred medical clinics in Quebec and New-Brunswick, 2000 physicians with a monthly billing of nearly 10 million dollars, 4000 professionals who trust us to manage their appointments, 1.5 million patients, 30 000 scanned documents, 30 000 prescriptions and 75 000 appointments every month.

Our solutions are efficient and reliable and they respect every criteria imposed by the MSSS. We are also aware of the importance of confidentiality and data protection.

We invite you to read and publish on your website our confidentiality policy. You can find the document here.

Our products



Certified EMR
Our lead product



Medical billing software
SYRA-Med by MED-Office


EMR clinical software
A unique model


Oscar is a unique model for the management of health care and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Currently ranked second in Ontario, it is adopted by thousands of users. OscarQc works on any device with a browser and an Internet connection.

By successfully passing the testing process of the Government of Quebec as well as the audits of the MSSS and the CRIM, Oscar was accredited in Quebec in December 2012. It thus became OscarQc to Quebec users. It complies with all the EMR requirements and includes the EHR (DSQ) functionalities.

Oscar was developed in cooperation, that is to say, based on the collective work of a team of developers and with the ideas and support of many suppliers from different countries and different regions of Canada, such as Logiciels Info-Data.

Need more information? Contact Info-Data at 514.907.0991 extension 202 or by email.
Visit the Oscar website here.



Medical billing service
Offered by Info-Data


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Technical Support

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Patrice Drolet

Remote support

You need help and require a technician from our team to have remote access to your computer?

  1. Click on the image below that corresponds to your operating system (Windows or Mac).
  2. Record the ID code displayed in the blue TeamViewer window.
  3. Give this ID to our customer service at (418) 907-9597 extension 4 or write us an email at

Contribution to centraide (United Way)

Since the founding of Logiciels Info-Data inc. twenty years ago, each year a portion of company profits is donated to Centraide (United Way) and contributes to the Charron-Drolet fund. The annual income of this fund is given each year to selected organizations in Quebec.